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Mother’s Dream

Mother’s Dream

Mother’s Dream brings dead son back to life

The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that
cosmic night….    Carl Jung

Chief Jean Baptiste Keita told me this about the power of dreams:  

"Some of the young village boys went to a certain place to work to get money. You see, during the rainy season
some people go to till the ground for other people who will pay them. So a group of boys went there to work.
After two years in the place, one of the boys died.
"Just after the death, the rest of the group said: 'Hey, we must go back home. But, let's keep this a secret.
Let's never say to the village that our friend is dead.’

"And they came back home and said nothing.

"But you know that the mother suspected something bad had happened to her son. Then during the night,
the dead boy’s mother, had a dream. She dreamt that her son has come back to the family.

"The following night, the dead boy came into the village.   

"His friends were actually expecting such a situation. When one of them heard a noise, he ran into the room
and found the dead boy standing there. And he said: ‘you don't need to go away. We have said nothing.’

"Then the mother touched her son. He appeared exactly like other people. The guy lived a long time. He died
only last year.

"You see, the mother’s dream has become true."

Bedik tribe, Iwol village, Senegal, Africa