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Bedik Reincarnation Tool

 Chief Keita explained how the Bedik know if the newly born child is an ancestor reincarnated, reborn.

"If after the death of one of our parents or relatives, after a certain period, it can be days, month, or years, if ever we see him in a dream, it means he would like to come back into the family.  And he has refused to go to the other place where people used to go.   If ever a woman is pregnant in the house, then he will get into that woman and be born again into that family. 

"His soul will get into that pregnant woman and he will be born again into that family.

"I did had such a dream. In the past I dreamt about my father coming back and talking with me.  Some days after that my wife delivered a baby.  Just of the day of the baby, he started crying.  Crying.  Crying. 

"And we said, the baby is not ill, he’s crying. What can be the cause of that?  Then we have in our house, in our community, an instrument something like a mirror, a ring, that we put on the wall.  If ever it adheres, if it stuck, it means the parent has come back.  If ever it falls down, it means it’s not him.

"When we took that instrument and put it on the wall, it was stuck there.  It was clear it was my father who came back."

Bedik tribe, Senegal, Africa