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Ancestor Enters Himba Shaman

Mbabuma Tjiambine's deceased uncle's spirit makes him the most powerful witch doctor in the region.  When the spirit enters
Mbabuma through his foot, it begins to shiver.  Soon Mbabuma's entire body shakes as he enters a trance.  His voice changes
pitch.  In this state, Mbabuma told us about specific events that had happened during our Namibia trip—like our collision with a cow.  Yet he was not with us.

Himba tribe, Village at Epupa Falls, Namibia


Notes from My Africa Journal

Did the shaman pull back the veil from God's face? It seems my body turned to spirit as together we traveled great distances through a slit between earth and heaven. He opened that slit like one lifts a rug to reveal a hidden space between covering and floor.